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FWD Annual Awards Ceremony 2015

Convention Hall, HKCEC

Job Details:
BPM created the whole event's entertainment of music, character and 4 performance acts.

As the event begins, the audience is guided by the narrator as she leads them through a thread of different performances throughout the event.

The first performance sees a beautiful violinist on stage creating a build up to the dramatic drop of the Kabuki.

As the narration continues, we are led into a powerful post-modern, contemporary piece full of pulse and rhythm.

The second act  creates a feeling of passion and emotion through a tango piece to heighten the fire in the atmosphere.

From Fire, comes Power. Our incredibly powerful aerial performer flies and hangs on aerial straps capturing the attention in the room with his amazing feats and presence.

The last act incorporates the Narrator as she culminates in an interactive graphics dance performance with all 7 dancers creating graphical illusions and grandeur on the screen and stage.